If you are experiencing a water leak or just want to be educated on how to prevent them then keep reading.

Water leaks in enclosed trailers can be a pain to find and repair not to mention if left unrepaired they can cause health hazards by allowing mold to grow and buildup.

Most common things that cause leaks are deteriorating roof vent lids and roof seem sealants. The roof vent lids will weather check like most all plastic materials being exposed to sunlight as well as heating and cooling each day. They are considered to be a replaceable maintenance item. If inspected regularly they are easy to swap out and usually can be done by most trailer owners. 

If not inspected or replaced in time then water can get into the ceiling linings and cause damage to vapor barriers and insulation. These repairs typically are going to be more expensive to repair due to a lot more interior trailer disassembly is required. 

The roof seam sealant gets old and cracks allowing water to also get into the trailer and walls. Typically inspect these once a year at a minimum. If your in an area that has high temperature fluctuations during the day and night then we recommend checking the roof seam seals more often.

We inspect roof seams and roof vents for deterioration  which is included in our annual/yearly service. If you prefer to have us do it then just give us a call 253-922-0771
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