As trailer users of all kinds whether its an RV, Boat, Utility, Cargo, Dump, or Flatbeds we all tend to get in a hurry to hit the road. We recommend the following every time you are going to hit the road and it is good practice. With a little time and pre-planning we can all do our part for safe towing.
  1. Don't wait till the last minute to service the trailer. If you take it to a shop make sure to get it in for maintenance with enough time to spare.
  2. Check tire pressure and correct if needed. Look at the tire condition and do not forget to check your spare.
  3. Check your lug nuts/bolts on the vehicle and the trailer are tightened to the correct torque (You can find this information in your vehicle and trailer owners packet).
  4. Check to make sure the vehicle hitch, coupler, ball mount, and other connecting hardware are properly secured and adjusted.
  5. Check to see if your safety chains are properly crisscrossed and connected with enough slack to make turns.
  6. Check that your trailer pigtail is plugged in securely, not to short that it pulls out while turning but with enough slack to make turns without being to long and dragging.
  7. Check that all your lights are working properly, brake, turn, hazard and running lights.
  8. Verify that the trailer brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are operating correctly.
  9. If equipped  - make sure your emergency breakaway lanyard is connected to the tow vehicles frame or tow hitch (Not to  or woven thru the chains).
  10. Check your load to make sure it is secured and not prone to shifting during transit.
  11. Check that your load is distributed properly front to rear in addition to side to side.
  12. Check that your trailer jack and stabilizers are raised and secured in place. Remove any tongue jack wheels or footplates that hang to low.
  13. Check your rear view and side mirrors to ensure good visibility.
  14. Check your routes and restrictions on bridges and tunnels.
  15. Make sure you have wheel blocks (Optional)
  16. Finally - Do not tow under the influence, while distracted or while tired.

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