You should test the lighting function of the trailer before towing each time. Lack of inspection leads to damages or loss caused by improper operation of  DOT required turn signal, brake light illumination or running lights.

Check the electrical system periodically if the trailer sits more than it is used. Inspect the plug connections of the tow vehicle in addition to the trailer to ensure no signs of corrosion, rust or arching on the pins. Check the light sockets, connectors and bulbs and replace or repair any that are corroded. The use of a dielectric non-conducting waterproof grease can be used to extend the life of electrical contact points.

Inspect the harness along the frame for cracks, breaks, corroded grounds and brittleness. replace as needed. 

If applicable - test the emergency breakaway system and also test the brake lock and release operations 

For dump trailer applications - check battery health with a load test.

Most prefer to bring it into our service department for an annual service which covers the suggested inspections. Give our service department a call to get your trailer in for inspection. - 253-922-0771
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