The trailer industry recommends an annual service. This is typically referred to as a yearly service. This is typically done once a year or every 10,000 miles (whichever comes first).

This service normally covers the following items:
  • Checking the electrical system
  • Inspection and functionality of the coupler 
  • Inspection and function test of the trailer tongue jack
  • Inspection of the safety chains and keepers
  • Breakaway lock and release test (if equipped)
  • Suspension looseness/play check
  • Visual brake check and adjustment (if equipped)
  • Check tire condition & pressure check and toped off
  • Tire date code inspection
  • Clean, inspect and repack bearings with new grease seals
  • Check dump system ops and fluid top off (if applicable)
  • Lube dump, ramp, barn door hinges and gate pins (where applicable)
  • Surge brake reservoir fluid check (if equipped)
  • Surge brake test and inspection (where applicable)
  • Visual inspection of boat rollers, bunks and other marine trailer components (if equipped)
  • Visual check of roof seal condition (if applicable) - we do not service RV roofs
Once the Technician goes thru the trailer we make recommendations and provide quotes based on items that need attention.

Give our service staff a call to see about getting your trailer in for yearly maintenance 253-922-0771
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